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Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair transplantation (also known as hair restoration) is a procedure that improves the appearance and density of hair in areas of hair loss. The primary reasons for hair transplantation can be to enhance one's aesthetic appearance, restore lost hair, or both.

The key component in hair transplantation is the follicular unit, which consists of hair roots. These units are carefully harvested from the patient's own scalp, specifically from the back of the head where hair is genetically resistant to balding. The procedure can involve individual follicle extraction (FUE) or strip harvesting, depending on the surgeon's assessment and patient preference.

The existing hair quality, the skin on your scalp, and your desired outcome are all factors taken into account when planning the procedure. If you're a candidate for hair transplantation, the surgeon will develop a personalized plan tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Pendik Yüzyıl Hospital for Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Choosing Pendik Yüzyıl Hospital for hair transplantation in Turkey allows you to address hair loss issues, enhance aesthetic appearance, or modify hairline shape. This procedure can combat hair thinning due to genetic factors or aging, tackle conditions like alopecia, and restore hair growth in areas affected by injuries or medical treatments, such as chemotherapy.