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What is Cataract ?

Cataract, also known as the disease of old age, is a type of eye disease that seriously affects the quality of life as well as eye health. Cataract manifests itself with signs such as double vision, blurred vision, and deterioration of night vision, causing a decrease in vision over time. This disease, which affects your living standards, needs to be treated. Contrary to most known diseases, it can be said that a medical treatment of cataract with drugs is not possible.

It is performed with a surgical operation as the only treatment of cataract disease. Today, this surgery is performed with laser and with very advanced technologies. The most important point here is that the patient who will have cataract surgery is recommended to have surgery by an ophthalmologist who is an expert in this field. This surgery, which is directly proportional to the cataract surgery experience of the ophthalmologist, can be performed and treated during the day. This should be done by the best doctors, in the best and sterile environment.

Who should have cataract surgery ?

As we mentioned before, it is not possible to treat cataract disease without surgery, medication or any other medical procedure. The only treatment method is surgery. If you do not feel any discomfort that reduces your quality of life, you do not need to have surgery. However, cataract surgeries have situations that require emergency surgery in advanced eye disorders. If the cataract has become cloudy in the eye, it may dissipate in the eye. When such a thing is encountered, it is necessary to undergo surgery in order not to face a problem such as blindness. Also, emergency surgery should be performed in congenital cataract disease.

Except for these cases the fact that cataract surgery is not needed urgently does not mean that it will not happen in later ages. As it reduces the quality of life of the person, it can also create inefficiency in business life. If there are symptoms such as not being able to notice the potholes while walking on the road, scattering of the lights while driving, and excessive dimming of the night lamps, the person should go to a specialist doctor immediately and perform the examinations.

Is there a risk of cataract surgery ?

Like any eye surgery, cataract surgery carries risks. However, the success rate of the surgery is very high despite the risks it carries. With today's technologies, cataract surgery methods have been developed and they are performed with micro incisions and without stitches. After cataract surgery performed by a specialist surgeon, the patient can quickly return to his daily life. As we have mentioned before, it is of great importance that cataract surgery is performed by specialist physicians. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a hospital.

What should be considered after cataract surgery ?

  • After cataract surgery, the patient should be fed with light foods.
  • Heavy loads should not be lifted for 1 week after the operation.
  • The person who had the surgery should not drive the day after the surgery.
  • As for taking a shower, it is possible to take a shower as long as the water does not touch the eyes.
  • After the operation, pressure should not be applied to the eye and should be protected from impacts.
  • On the first day after the operation, the eyes can be blurred and it is a normal phenomenon. Support can be obtained to walk in a healthy way.


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Cataract Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cataract surgery significantly improves your night vision and your ability to drive at night. Because one of the first signs of cataract is decreased night vision, rings around lights and a feeling of glare.

Mild cataracts do not usually cause any significant vision problems. In such a case, it is necessary to see how much your cataract is making it difficult for you to do your daily work before recommending surgery.

No, cataract surgery does not cause dry eyes. However, pre-existing dry eye problem may prevent us from seeing more clearly after cataract surgery. For this reason, depending on the results of the eye examination performed before the cataract surgery, sometimes you may be asked to use artificial tear drops after the surgery, or sometimes it may be recommended to have dry eye treatment first and then to have cataract surgery.