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Cheek Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetic (Vaginoplasty)

Genital aesthetic surgeries are operations which enable restoration of the congenital deformities on vulva-vagina area of women and at birth. Problems about this area psychologically affect the marriage life and cause communication problems between couples.Cannot be discussed openly therefore communication barriers between the partners are formed and the relationship is damaged. Women’s assuming her genitalia as unaesthetic triggers feelings such as misunderstanding, embarrassment, and shyness and also it has adverse effect on their sex life. Genital aesthetic methods can be used to restore vaginal deformities which can frequently cause problems and help patients to have a desired appearance.

Cheeks, are one of the most important parts of the face. While cheeks look full and vivid at young ages, they begin to look tired and sunken with increasing age.

Some people have more flattened and indistinct cheeks than normal, while others have too full, chubby and swollen cheeks; both conditions are not desirable. Cheek aesthetics becomes important at this point.

Excessive Chubby Cheeks

Generally, excessive chubby cheek aesthetics are experienced by young people. Tight cheek is an indicator of youth but if the excess buccal fat is present, it causes some people to look overweight, even if they are not. With a simple treatment, buccal fat excesses are taken from the mid-face. The treatment is performed easily and does not require downtime, so the patient can return to work the next day following the treatment.

As a result of volume reduction in the cheeks, the cheekbones and chin appear more enhanced. The ogee curve is formed starting from the ear to the mouth corner. As seen in many famous models, reshaping of this mid-face area is the most important criterion of the facial beauty.

To sort from the upper face, full and prominent cheekbones, the ogee curve in the mid-face and protruding jawlines in the lower face are very important to provide the ideal ratio of the facial beauty.

Sagging And Sunken Cheeks

There are many fillers applied for cheek augmentation at early ages, but they are not as effective and permanent as the tissue cocktail. Sometimes two or three treatment sessions are required.

Lifting of the cheeks and mid-face at later ages is a must for treatment. If these fillers are used for people after 45-50 years of age, swelling of the face and mouth circumference appears like a bee sting, resulting in the unaesthetic and abnormal facial appearance that does not look natural and anatomical.

Nowadays, many doctors, who are not plastic surgeons but carry out cheek aesthetics procedures, continue to use these fillers by convincing or frightening the patients about the surgery, because they cannot perform surgery. This results in unnatural facial looks that can be realized easily as a result of an abnormal cheek aestheticsintervention.

Facelift And Mid-Face Lift Aesthetics

Mid-face lift and facelift aesthetics are used to remove facial sagging, facial fine wrinkles, especially volume loss of cheeks and dropping of cheeks down as a result of aging.

Other reasons include deepening of the two alar-facial grooves and prominent under-eye bags and etc. Facelift is performed by stretching the face upwards with an incision beginning from the hairline in front of the ear to the lower scalp. After removal of the excess skin, a youthful facial appearance can be obtained with this surgery.

Of course, in order to get a 100% positive result from this surgery, there should be deformations or defects in the face. In case unnecessary facelift is performed to a face that does not require any surgery, the new appearance will disappear in 1-2 years. Therefore, if facelift is applied to the patients in full need, our patients can look at least 10-15 years younger.

Endoscopic Mid-Face Lift

An important part of the face is the cheekbone. Since the buccal adipose tissue sags down, the cheek aesthetics can become indistinct, called the negative vector. In this case, we perform the endoscopic mid-face lift.

Mid-Face Lift

It is based on the surgery performed by removing the fat pads after releasing mid-face areas with an incision made into the temporal area along the cheekbone. Rejuvenation of our patient is achieved especially by lifting up the adipose tissue that has sagged down. We are able to achieve a permanent mid-face rejuvenation by endoscopic mid-face lift, an operation applied by inserting into the temporal area via a camera, shifting all these tissues in place and lifting this area up. Of course, people who are not surgeons are trying to do this treatment with threads we call thread-lift. In fact, since they cannot perform endoscopic mid-face lift, they try to perform thread-lift, but the lifetime of these threads is very short; because we have many facial expressions. Even if thin threads with surgical sutures are used for lifting up, the face is going to return to its old form within 3-6 months due to mimic movements.


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