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No, only the local anaesthetic injections are painful. Once the local anaesthetic takes effect, the subsequent treatment is completely painless.

This depends on the method used. With the FUT technique a thin scar results, as this is a surgical procedure. This scar is normally only visible when you wear your hair shorter than 0.5 cm. With the FUE technique, it does not matter how long you want to wear your hair in the future, here no scars are visible after the hair transplantation. You can only see tiny white dots at the points of extraction, which are camouflaged by the hair.

The first hairs grow about three months after the hair transplantation. The biggest change will take place after about 5-6 months. 90% of the transplanted hair will have already grown after about 9 months.

Yes. Since it is a surgical hair transplant, the hair grows for life, just like your other hair. You also receive a lifelong guarantee.