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Laser Eye

Laser Eye Treatment at Yüzyıl Hospital

As Pendik Yüzyıl Hospital we aim to provide you with the best experience with our expert staff as well as the latest technological equipment.

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Laser Eye Frequently Asked Questions

There are no risks of laser eye surgery. Particularly in the current stage of laser eye surgery technologies, the procedure, which is carried out using methods that are specific to each patient, is much better than it was in the early days of practice. Our eye clinic use cutting-edge equipment to perform laser eye surgeries.

The ideal method for correcting defective vision (e.g. LASEK & PRK, LASIK) depends, among other things, on

  • the diopter values
  • the corneal thickness and structure
  • the pupil diameter
  • presbyopia

In terms of technology, laser instruments are extremely advanced. The patients are required to avoid eye movement as much as possible. While delivering the beams to the patient's eye, the device, on the other hand, has the capability of tracking the eyes. In the event of a movement the device stops the beams until the eye is once again stable..

The visual acuity will no longer rise after laser eye surgery. Complaints about stinging, redness, light sensitivity and difficulty seeing small television writings, among other things may arise after the initial procedure and may persist in the patient for the following 36 hours after discharge. Additionally, the problem of dry eyes may arise within the first month following surgery. Eye drops, on the other hand, alleviate the problem of dry eyes. None of these issues will last forever.