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Lip Aesthetics

What is Lip Aesthetics?

Lips are basically a special tissue that forms the junction of the skin tissue covering the face and the mucosa tissue covering the inner part of the mouth area and can contain the properties of the skin and mucosa in certain aspects. Lips, which are one of the areas of the body with the most blood supply and intense nerve cell stimulation, are one of the most important anatomical areas in both facial and smile aesthetics. Lips also have an important role in the aesthetic perception of the face and smile due to its relationship with the anatomical structures in the mouth and its neighborhood with the prominent areas of facial features such as the nose and chin.

The procedures frequently requested by people in order to gain an aesthetic appearance of the lips can be listed as increasing the lip volume, reducing or increasing the distance between the nose and lips by changing the lip localization, removing the wrinkles on the upper lip, clarifying the lip contours, and making arrangements in the lip folds.

Which Applications are Performed in Lip Aesthetics?

As in other aesthetic applications, the anatomical features and aesthetic expectations of the person in lip aesthetics determine which application will be applied. Achieving an aesthetically pleasing result in the lips is directly proportional to a good evaluation of the anatomical condition of the lips and a good understanding of the patient's expectations after treatment. In this sense, the methods used in lip aesthetics can be summarized as follows.

Thickening of the lips: One of the most frequently used methods in lip aesthetics is to obtain fuller and thicker lips by increasing the lip volume. Different methods can be applied to achieve this result, and temporary or permanent techniques can be preferred according to the patient's request. In particular, lip fillers using hyaluronic acid-containing fillers, which are valid for a period of 6-9 months, can be applied, and implants placed under the lip tissue can be used for more permanent aesthetic applications. In addition to these, fat injection into the lip tissue can also be applied to give a fuller lip appearance.

Thinning of the lips: Since individuals with certain genetic characteristics may have a thick lip structure, it may be necessary to thin the lips in order to achieve cosmetically satisfactory results. In this direction, the lip tissue can be rearranged and thinned by surgery.

What Should Be Considered in Lip Aesthetics?

Since certain applications in terms of lip aesthetics involve surgical procedures, they also bring with them the risks associated with surgical application. Especially after plastic surgery applications, complications such as local infection in the procedure area, impaired wound healing, scarring, bleeding, numbness or loss of sensation due to damage to the nerve tissue may occur. Due to the procedures performed under general anesthesia, side effects due to the anesthetic substance may also be seen in patients. Another important issue in the success of the methods applied in lip aesthetics is the presence of additional diseases. Especially in cases such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, where both systemic wound healing is affected and the skin structure may deteriorate, the targeted level of success may not be achieved as a result of aesthetic procedures. In this sense, it is very important that patients are evaluated in detail by a specialist physician before aesthetic applications requiring surgical or interventional techniques and that the most appropriate method is recommended for their personal characteristics.


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