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What is No Touch Laser?

While eye contact is required in all laser eye surgeries, in the no-touch laser method, all stages of the surgery are performed without remote contact with the laser. In this way, the patient completely gets rid of the glasses. Generally, in Lasik treatment, myopia up to 6-8 degrees, astigmatism up to 4 degrees and hyperopia up to 4 degrees can be treated. Vision is blurred for the first week after treatment. The sharpest vision occurs after 2-3 months.

Who Can Be A Candidate for the No Touch Laser Method ?

It can be applied to myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with suitable eye structure. So, patients with distance and near vision problems may be candidates for this treatment. It is a method that can be applied to people who have had cataract surgery before, to patients with retinal tears and prone to tears, provided that their eye structures are suitable. Finally, No Touch Laser treatment can be applied especially in cases with thin corneas and whose corneal surface is steeper than normal.

How is Eye Laser Surgery Application Performed?

The No Touch Laser treatment process starts with anesthetic drops in the eye and the patient does not feel any pain during the surgery.
There is no device contact with the eye during the treatment, and the eye is treated directly with the rays emanating from the laser device. All the patient has to do is look at the green light coming out of the laser device.
In a short time like 50 seconds, the procedure is completed in the same session for both eyes.

What is the Healing Process After No Touch Laser Process?

After the treatment, the eyes do not need to be closed, the patient can go home by keeping both eyes open. In this process, the patient is given UV protective glasses to protect the patient's eyes.
After the patient goes home, complaints such as stinging, redness, and discomfort from the light and blurry vision of small prints on the television may develop for 36 hours.
It is aimed to make this process more comfortable with the eye drops that doctor prescribes. After spending the first three days at home, the patient comes for the follow up appointment on the 4th day. On day four after the treatment, the patient starts working on the computer and at the end of the 7th day can drive an automobile.
As the healing process progresses, the patient's healthy vision will also increase. This process can take approximately one month. There is no increase in the patient's eye diopters after No Touch laser surgery. In other words, situations such as the use of contact lenses and glasses are not applicable anymore.

What are the Important Things to Be Considered after the Surgery?

For approximately a week, avoid getting water in your eyes. Following the treatment, special attention should be made to using the recommended eye drops for the amount of time advised by the doctor. When the sunlight is bright, care should be made to shield the eyes from UV rays as much as possible and to use sunglasses. It is not recommended to drive a vehicle immediately after surgery. During the recovery days, it is recommended to get plenty of rest and avoid doing a lot of work for a healthy recovery.

Why No Touch Laser?

  • It does not require a flap and therefore there is no chance of having flap complications
  • Both eyes are treated in the same session
  • There is less risk of dry eyes
  • It can be applied to patients with astigmatism, myopia, hipermetropia and especially to patients with thin cornea
  • It can be applied to patients with high dioptries
  • No layers need to be removed from the eye.
  • Since there is no incision, the possibility of dry eye is minimal after the procedure.
  • It can be applied to high numbers according to the patient's eye structure.


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No Touch Lase Frequently Asked Questions About

One of the most important reasons why this procedure is at the forefront is that patients are treated without pain. In order to ensure patient comfort, anesthetic drops are used before the procedure. The patient does not feel pain during the surgery.

-The eye structure of the patient should be examined with detailed tests
-It should be ensured that the patient's eye diopters has stopped
-The patient must be 18 years or older

With the No Touch Laser, there is no risk of recurrence as long as the patient follows the doctor's instructions. The quality of vision remains the same even after many years. Patients leave their glasses and contact lenses to never wear them again.