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Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent Ear Surgery

The fact that the ears are not in the correct position in proportion to the head and face may result in an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. Prominent ear condition can be easily resolved in today's medicine with Otoplasty, which is a very easy aesthetic operation that leaves no scars.

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a method of eliminating the defects in the external ear structure seen in children and adults by aesthetic surgery.

What is prominent ear and what kind of problems does it cause?

Prominent ear is the most common ear deformity. It is mostly caused by the laxity of the cartilages in the ear region or insufficient ear folds. The ear which has a loose structure for these reasons bends forward or sideways, causing an unpleasant image. It is usually seen in both ears, but in rare cases only one ear may look like prominent ear. Prominent ear definitely requires intervention for any psychological problems it may cause and can be easily corrected with a simple operation by the courtesy of modern medicine’s facilities.

Prominent Ear Surgery in Children

Shaping of the auricle occurs while the infant is still in the womb; the auricle continues to develop until the age of 5-6 years and takes its final shape at this age.

The group that has suffers the most from ear deformities is the children. Nicknames such as “scoops" given to school-age children by their peers cause problems such as psychological problems, indifference to lessons, and being alienated from school. Therefore, the problem is solved by otoplasty in children with complete ear development.

What is the anatomical problem in prominent ear?

Prominent ear appearance is caused by three anatomical deformities:

  • Underdeveloped ear fold
  • Deep concha
  • Protruding earlobe

How is prominent ear surgery performed?

Otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia in adult individuals, and under general anesthesia in children and patients who cannot undergo local anesthesia.

During the operation, an incision is made on the back of the ear, cartilage is thinned with a file and the incision is then sutured.

Since the sutures in the ear will remain in the back, they are unnoticeable when looked at from the front.

Risks of Prominent Ear Surgery

The risk of developing an infection in cartilage tissue is very low, and the surgeon will take measures to further decrease that risk but in rare cases, this might happen.

Patients with prominent ears are satisfied with the result if the ear is close to the head as much as possible. But this gives the ears an unnatural appearance. For this reason, the ears should be approached to the head as much as is required. In the initial postoperative period, the ears may look a bit like that but as edema subsides, they acquire a more natural look.

Price of Prominent Ear Surgery

Surgery price varies depending on whether prominent ear problem is unilateral or bilateral, whether there are any additional problems, the presence of earlobe problem, and the type of anesthesia. Contact us for further information and price details.


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