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What is Smart Lens ?

Smart lens, which is a treatment technique named according to the type of lens used in cataract surgeries; is a multifocal intraocular lens that allows seeing both near, far and intermediate distances.

Normally, in a young patient and a healthy eye, the lens inside the eye allows the vision to be seen at all distances. However with age, the functions of our lens begin to decline. And the patient is unable to see the object clearly at every distance.

Who is Smart Lens Applied to ?

Smart Lenses, which are used in cataract surgery, can be applied to most cataract patients if there is no underlying medical reason. In addition, Smart Lens (IOL) can be applied to people who do not have cataracts at a young age but have severe hyperopia or who cannot have laser due to high myopia and who want to get rid of their close glasses at an early age.

Smart Lens can be performed on people who have previously undergone eye laser surgery, if they experience decreased vision due to deformation in the intraocular lenses, and the inability to see far or near.

Occupational position, age, social activity, reading habits and intellectual level of patients with cataracts are also important in patient selection. High success is achieved in these surgeries, which will be performed with appropriate patient selection, appropriate technique, experience of the institution and physician where the surgery is performed, and of course the right lens selection.

How is Smart Lens Applied ?

Smart Lens (IOL) placement technique is type of cataract surgery. What is done in standard cataract surgery, the same procedures are applied in Smart Lens IOL surgery.

In cataract surgery, the natural lens in the patient's eye is removed and replaced with a lens that is suitable for the inner structure of the eye which will improve the patient's vision. However, unlike in this surgery, Smart Lens (near and far-seeing) lenses are placed into the eye instead of a standard (only far-seeing, close-up glasses) lens placement.

What are the Advantages of Smart Lens ?

Smart Lens are lenses with focusing feature, which we can call near-far and mid-range depending on their multifocal design. This lens, which is inserted in cataract surgery, remains in the eye for life.

Meticulously implemented Smart Lenses; with an average of 10 minutes of operation time, it is applied without stitches and improves the patient's vision by finding the simplest and simplest solution to the problem of far and near vision.

The eye number of the patient who is fitted with smart lenses does not progress again. Cataract surgery is performed once and no more cataracts occur in the eye. Thanks to the smart lens, the quality of life increases.


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Smart Lens Frequently Asked Questions

The reactions we received from the patients were that there was a significant improvement in vision the day after the surgery. Patients can also return to their work life within 1-2 days. Although the healing process differs from between each individual, vision can be cleared in a few days.

As with every disease and complaint, patients must first undergo a detailed eye examination. After the diagnosis, a treatment plan should be drawn and it should be decided which intraocular lens will be applied in the surgery. Intraocular lenses are also divided into three as monofocal, multifocal and trifocal lenses. When deciding on the lens to be applied into the eye, the patient's lifestyle and needs should be determined as well as the structure of the eye. Choosing the right lens is as important as the experience, expertise and medical equipment of the institution.

Trifocal lenses are produced with advanced technology in accordance with the natural structure of the eye. Therefore, it is not possible for the eye to reject it or cause allergies.